Welcome to Project Blue Yachting

Welcome to a fascinating world, filled with the infinite blue of the Aegean Sea and the sounds of the waves. Welcome to the world of Sailing. Travel the Aegean Sea using the power of the wind, discover unique experiences offered by each trip and the wonderful accommodation of the sailing vessel. Watch the sun set into the sea while the colors of the skies embrace you. Enjoy your drinks with your friends under the starry Aegean sky, away from the disturbing noises of the city. Project Blue Yachting leads you into this unique world. Charter a sailing yacht and discover the various Aegean Islands. Follow the recommended routes or make your own, an live once in a lifetime experiences. Having a modern vessel in our possession combined with numerous partners in the field of Touristic Sailing, we can offer you a plethora of services.


Having as principal objective the quality of your holiday, Project Blue Yachting has organized and offers a complete package of services, letting you worry only about your pleasure.

  • Organization of  your arrival/departure to the base of the vessel.
  • Organization of the vessels supplies.
  • 24/7 support (questions, weather etc.).
  • Sailing lessons during the trips.
  • Organization of personalized tours and trips.



In case you fill uncomfortable chartering a sailing vessel on your own, Project Blue Yachting can offer you one of its fully trained skippers, with the criterion of discretion, making the crew feel comfortable from the very first moment. Project Blue Yachting seeks meetings of the crew with the skipper before the trip, to inform everyone about the nature of the trip and make the first steps in knowing each other, in order to have a pleasant journey.

High Quality Services

Knowing the importance of avoiding problems during the holidays, Project Blue Yachting follows a strict vessel maintenance program both during winder and during the charted season. Our specialized employees, maintain and improve all parts of the vessel (engine, sails,equipment, etc.) and guarantee their flawless operation. They are always ready to offer their services in order to prevent any problem. A sufficient number of spare parts is always at our disposal for immediate response to unfortunate situation, thus preventing any disruption of the schedule of holidays.

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